Speed and Agility Training in Blackpool
Weightlifting coach based in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast


I have a range of sports, fitness and health related qualifications. I believe that regular study, training and research is vital for any sports scientist, coach or fitness professional for continuing development. This ensures that the guidance, coaching and techniques I use are as safe and effective as they can be. 

Formal Qualifications

  • MSc Sport and Exercise Science

  • BSc (hons) Strength and Conditioning

  • Pending - PhD (via MPhil) in Strength and Conditioning

Professional Qualifications
  • Level 3 - Certificate in Sports Performance Analysis

  • Level 2 - Olympic Weightlifting Coaching

  • Level 1 - Olympic Weightlifting Coaching

  • Level 2 - Technical Official in Olympic Weightlifting

  • Level 3 - Technical Official in Olympic Weightlifting

  • Level 2 - Powerlifting Coaching

  • Level 1 - Powerlifting Coaching

  • Level 3 - The Talented Athlete Support in Transitions and Education

  • Level 2 - Award in Understanding Athlete Lifestyles

  • Level 2 - Certificate in Gym Instructing

  • Level 2 - Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness Instructor

  • Level 1 - Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness Instructor 

  • Level 3 - Advanced Nutrition for Sport and Exercise

  • Level 2 - Nutrition and Weight Management

  • Essentials of Weightlifting Programming 

  • Essentials of Weightlifing teachnique 

  • Essentials of Teaching Olympic Weightlifting

  • UKSCA - Weightlifting for Sports Performance 

  • UKSCA - Plyometrics, Agility and Speed

  • UKSCA - Planning and Programming For Sport

  • Complete Kettlebell Trainer Course 

  • Inspiring Positive Behaviour in Sport

  • Accredited Anti Doping Advisor 

  • Concussion: Detection, Management and Prevention

  • Level 3 - Certificate in Personal Training

  • Level 3 - Diploma in GP Exercise Referral

  • Level 3 - Certificate in Pre and Post Natal Exercise

  • Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (TTC-200 Multi-Style)

  • Mental Health Awareness and Wellbeing in Sport 

  • Coaching for Visual Impairments

  • Advance HE - External Examiner Training Certificate

  • Yin Yoga Teaching Certificate 

  • Advanced Resistance Training; Techniques, Testing and Prescription

  • Mat Pilates Fundamentals 

  • Circuit Training Certificate

  • Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention 

Pending Qualifications (Currently Studying or Awaiting Certification)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education M14+ 

  • Level 3 - Athlete Personal Development and Lifestyle

  • Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (TTC-300)

  • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training 

  • Level 3 - Diploma in Coaching Weightlifting 

  • Level 3 - Assessors Qualification

  • Summer Mountain Leader Award (ML) 

Published Research

Two-Experiment Examination of Habitual and Manipulater Foot Placement Angles on The Kinetics, Kinematics and Muscle Forces of a Barbell Back Squat in Male Lifters - Click here to read

About Me

I am an experienced strength and conditioning coach, performance analyst and sports lecturer (specialising in biomechanics and strength training). I am passionate about all optimising movement and performance for all sports but have a particular interest in:

  • Olympic weightlifting

  • Adventure sports (Both winter and summer sports. From Climbing to Windsurfing and everything in between).

  • All Styles Of Dance

  • Yoga and Pilates


I am passionate about my career. With over 15 years working in coaching different disciplines in sport, fitness and health; I have developed the skills needed to effectively coach athletes to reach their optimal performance. I offer a range of services for athletes, teams and coaches including:

  • Strength And Conditioning

  • Sports Competition or Event Support

  • Movement Screening

  • Performance Testing

  • Education - Lectures, Workshops & Seminars

  • Coaching development and mentoring

  • Scientific Research

Current Roles

 University of Central Lancashire

  • Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Sciences (Strength and Conditioning)

  • Dual Athlete Coordinator - Scholarship Athletes

  • Athlete Lifestyle Lead - Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme 

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach - Scholarship Athletes

  • Research Lead and Champion Mountaineering and Climbing Interest Group

British Weightlifting

  • Educator for Weightlifting Coaching

  • Educator  for Strength and Conditioning Courses

  • Licensed Level 2 Coach

  • Licensed Level 3 Technical Official

British Mountaineering Council (BMC)

  • Secretary (North West Area)


Previous Experience

University of Central Lancashire 

  • Research Assistant 

Fylde Coast Weightlifting 

  • Co-Founder & Lead Coach 

Burnley College 

  • Hybrid Lecturer​
    • Extended Diploma in Sports Coaching

    • Extended Diploma in Personal Training and Fitness

  • Climbing Wall Coach

  • Weightlifting Coach

  • Yoga Teacher

Blackpool and The Fylde College University Campus

  • Sports and Exercise Science Lecturer

  • British Weightlifting Satellite Delivery Centre Lead


  • Editor and Content Creator

  • Support Team Member

Fleetwood Rugby Club

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach

Blackpool And The Fylde College

  • Guest Lecturer / Specialist Practitioner in Strength and Conditioning.

Fortitude Fitness

  • Personal Trainer

  • Weightlifting Coach 

Neilson Active Holidays

  • Resort Head of Fitness and Swim

  • Fitness Instructor 

Fylde Coast YMCA

  • Exercise Referral Officer

  • Fitness Class Instructor

  • Gym Instructor

  • Personal Trainer

DW Sports Blackpool

  • Personal Trainer 

YMCA National Centre 

  • Outdoor Instructor - Kayaking, climbing, walking and orienteering

Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

  • Athlete Services Volunteer

Rugby World Cup 2011

  • Athlete Hosting Volunteer