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My Services

  1. Strength And Conditioning

  2. Sports Competition or Event Support

  3. Movement Screening

  4. Performance Testing

  5. Education, Lectures, Workshops and Seminars 

  6. Research 

Alphex Athlete Sean who had strength and conditioning coaching from Nicole whilst on scholarship

1      Strength and Conditioning

For strength and conditioning, the focus is on both sports performance and reducing the chances of injury. When working with athletes I use an evidence based approach, meticulously researching the demands of the sport (inc. the specific position or discipline involved), the athletes lifestyle, the athletes current athletic ability and performance of an athlete. All athletes will receive an individualised periodised programme included in their strength and conditioning package, suited to their sporting calendar and own training schedule. Competition support, Movement Analysis, Performance testing and analysis are all included in every athletes strength and conditioning package.

Note: Programming can also be purchased as a single product. This is still individually tailored, based on scientific underpinning along with applied methods. I never use template, pre-made programmes, as this goes against my ethos. 

4     Competition or Event Support

All athletes will receive event and competition support. Where feasible I will attend competitions or matches with athletes to ensure they are adequately prepared. Whether an athlete needs a friendly support in the crowd or a pep talk in the warm up area, I'm here.

Please note: This is on a first come first serve basis and notice needs to be given to increase the chances of my availability. 

Nicole Booth Coaching Weightlifting Athlete Sally at a Weightlifting Competition in Lancaster
Close-up Shot of a Monitor With EKG Data

3     Movement Analysis

Each sport carries a risks of injuries. This can be from overuse of specific movement patterns, dysfunctional movement patterns or past injuries reoccurring. I can offer the following:

  • Postural Screening 

  • Functional Movement Screening (adapted to your specific sport)

  • Relative Strength Indexing

  • Dynamic Strength Indexing

  • Joint Stability, Mobility and Flexibility Screening

  • Game Analysis

  • 3D analysis

Some of the more advanced screening protocols may need to be conducted via the UCLan Sports, Exercise and Nutrition Science (SENS) Consultancy (due to the equipment and software requirements). 

4     Performance Testing and Analysis

Performance testing may consist of relevant sub-maximal testing of athleticism relative to the sport of focus. For example; a basketball player will need to test for jump height, rate of force development, speed, strength and agility testing.

Performance analysis is different to performance testing but there may be some protocols that over lap. Generally analysis would be conducted based on GPS data, video playback from an event, internal and external load monitoring. Many athletes collect this information for their coaches but often this data isn't utilised to it's full potential. This information can help to monitor risk, monitor overall performance and identify areas for development of individual athletes compared to normal data from other similar athletes.


Nicole Booth sports scientist and strength and conditionig coach setting up a vo2 max test in the sports science suite
Nicole Booth delivering a Weightlifting coaching course at Loughborough University Powerbase for British Weightlifting

5     Education, Lectures, Workshops and Seminars

I currently work as a Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and as an educator for British Weightlifting. I am also a continuing education provider for the Yoga Alliance. I am actively involved in the industry as a coach as well as supporting scientific research within the school of sport and health sciences at the university. I currently deliver a range of topics including (but not limited to):

  • Strength and Conditioning in Practice

  • Common Sports Injuries and Injury Prevention

  • Olympic Weightlifting (For sports performance)

  • Periodisation and Programming for sport

  • Performance Analysis 

  • Human Biomechanics

  • Coaching Development

  • Exercise and Wellbeing

6     Research Interests

  • Sports Biomechanics 

  • Sports Injury Prevention and Management 

  • Strength and Conditioning

I am particularly interested in the following sports and disciplines:

  • Rock Climbing 

  • Ice Climbing

  • Windsurfing

  • Wakeboarding

  • Weightlifting

  • Rugby Union

  • Rugby Sevens 

  • Yoga 

Alphex Athlete Jason Climbing, after strength and conditioning Coaching from Nicole


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