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Research & Publications

I am a lecturer in sport and exercise science at the university of central lancashire. I am an early career researcher who is part of the Centre for Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences, The Social prescription unit and I am the research lead for the Mountaineering and Outdoors research group. 

Below you will find my existing publications and current research. If you would like collaborate, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Adventure Sports & Outdoor Research

Strength and Conditioning For Rock Climbing - Ongoing PhD

Indicators of autonomic health in adventure based environments - Ongoing

Field Based Sports

Accelerations and Decelerations in Soccer: A Systematic Review

Injury Biomechanics

Can the assessment of neuromuscular control help our understanding of chronic ankle instability and its management?

The kinematics and kinetic effects of orthotic walker design

General Health

Perceptions, beliefs and behaviours of bone related disease and pain management strategies. 

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