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Research & Publications 

I am a lecturer in sport and exercise science at the university of central lancashire and an early career researcher. I am research lead for the Mountaineering and Outdoors research group and I am part of the Centre for Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences. 

If you would like collaborate, please get in touch via

My Publications

Sinclair, J., Taylor, P.J., Shadwell, G., Stone, M., Booth, N., Jones, B., Finlay, S., Ali, A.M., Butters, B., Bentley, I. and Edmundson, C.J., 2022. Two-Experiment Examination of Habitual and Manipulated Foot Placement Angles on the Kinetics, Kinematics, and Muscle Forces of the Barbell Back Squat in Male Lifters. Sensors, 22(18), p.6999.

Arlettaz, M.E., Dorsch, L.N., Sganga, M., Booth, N.D. and Farabello, J.S., 2023. Kinematic variations in the barbell back squat under different footwear conditions in female college athletes. The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness. Vancouver

Ongoing Research

Strength and Conditioning For Rock Climbing (My PhD via Mphil)

Indicators of autonomic health in adventure based environments 

Accelerations and Decelerations in Soccer: A Systematic Review

The effects of different footwear and lift variants on the biomechanics of the deadlift

Can the assessment of neuromuscular control help our understanding of chronic ankle instability and its management?

The kinematics and kinetic effects of orthotic walker design

Perceptions, beliefs and behaviours of bone related disease and pain management strategies. 

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